ongoing realisation
cooperation with Emilie Rážová, ing. Radek Toman

The original bridge spanned between the building of Emperors Spa and fancy Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary as early as 1880. In 1967, the historic bridge was replaced by a new one, which nearly collapsed during summer 2020 because of its bad condition.

An important point was the preservationists' request that it should be integrated into the surrounding footbridges as much as possible, and a return to the original historical form was preferred.

As the main element, we took forged railing, which we design as an exact replica of the historical one. We just added massive brass handle. The central motif of the railing – the rosette – becomes the starting element for the graphic design of other parts of the bridge. By enlarging it and abstracting it, we create a pattern that is imprinted in the concrete ledges and posts. This pattern is complemented by fine brass details that connect with the brass handle of the forged railing.

We see the entire design of the new bridge as deliberately teetering on the edge of kitsch, which for us is a signature feature of the entire spa town of Karlovy Vary.
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