open competition (1st place)
cooperation with Jakub Adamec

We perceive the building of the town hall as a symbol that represents its function by its distinctive figure and specific form. The theme of the house is mass and work with openings that are put into the thickness of the walls. By their position, they intensify the tension between the exterior and interior. Each window has its own importance, it illuminates the space inside and communicates with the outside - the eye, the mayor's window, the largest and infront. The house shows a hierarchy on the outside. With its solitary location, the house defines its public spaces, but also offers its hidden courtyard, improving the permeability of the place. The house is hollow inside, it opens through the entrance to the inner hall and leads the visitor through a lighted staircase. Common functions of daily needs are on the ground floor, important functions of the village management are on the top floor. The ground floor is opened by a large glass entrance, the public space seems to flow into the building. The main meeting hall for local government sessions can be open to the courtyard.
The entire structure of the building is designed of thick selfinsulated ceramic blocks with crafted lime plaster.

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