diploma project
(Jested f Kleci student prize winner)

The brown coal open cast mines in the Sokolov Basin are located only ten kilometres from the centre of Karlovy Vary. Just one wrong dig can lead to a catastrophe of immeasurable consequences. As it happened at the end of the 19th century - a dramatic drop in the productivity of the most valuable Karlovy Vary mineral source - The Hot Spring.

After the end of the mining, a classic technical recultivation is planned, as well as the development of the surrounding area and the creating of an attractive recreational site.

However, the brown coal mines offer unique potential in the thermal springs that can be captured at their bottom.

The thesis proposes the possibility of using these mineral springs for specific spa treatments in underground spaces with a unique atmosphere.

Concrete structures will be constructed to capture and control the individual mineral springs before recultivation and backfilling of the current open pit mine floor. These structures - the concrete shells - will then be backfilled with tailings through the normal mining process.

The spa guest will thus wander through the fascinating landscape of the abandoned opencast mine and find hidden entrances leading deep into the mine, to the mineral springs.


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